Editing Example – YOLO TX Enchanted Rock

Editor: Editing and graphic design for segments and episodes for YOLO TX, a Texas travel show. Segments involve reviewing hours of footage and creating an effective story that showcases the fun activities and adventures offered by the locations we travel to. Editing Example - YOLO TX Hidden Falls Episode [...]

San Antonio Missions Baseball Content

Snapshot of Content Created for the San Antonio Missions 2014 Season San Antonio Missions "Rumble" Intro Video Video was designed to capture audience attention and set the tone for each baseball game. Video was played at the beginning of the game for every home game for the 2014 Season. Intro video [...]

Tasty Video Examples

Producer on over 30 "Tasty Video" productions for online and social media use. Storyboarding, scripting, ingredient lists, talent and food stylist collaboration, lighting and camera set-up, set decoration and construction, ingredient and prop shopping, estimate and budget management, editing/gfx/videography oversight and direction, branding and graphics consistency, social media planning and more. [...]

HealthCare Video Example #2

HealthCare Filming/Editing Example - Metro Nurses Interviews As the Producer in this project I personally coordinated, storyboarded, help film and record audio, set-up proper lighting, edit scripts, record VO, schedule talent, and assist with editing. This project also involved collaborating with clients and ensuring client satisfaction.

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